Starkey Genesis

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids represent a significant advancement in hearing technology, combining artificial intelligence, superior sound quality, and user-friendly features into a sleek design.

Industry-leading battery performance with up to 51 hours per charge.
Offers Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calls for iOS, with app control for both iOS and Android devices.
Tracks physical activity and provides fall alerts through the My Starkey app.
Features like Edge Mode+ enhance listening in various environments through AI optimization.
TeleHear functionality allows for remote appointments and software updates, enhancing user convenience.

Starkey Genesis represents a leap forward in hearing aid technology, integrating advanced AI to tailor the auditory experience to each user's unique environment and preferences. This smart hearing aid not only adapts in real-time to changing soundscapes for optimal speech clarity and sound quality but also includes innovative health-tracking features. Users can monitor their heart rate, track steps, and even receive alerts for falls directly through their hearing aids, marking an unprecedented integration of health and hearing technology in a single device.

The accompanying Thrive Hearing Control app extends the capabilities of the Genesis, offering users detailed insights into their hearing and health activities. The app allows for customization of the hearing experience, tracking of body and brain health, and even provides a direct line to hearing professionals for support and adjustments. Genesis also facilitates effortless streaming from smartphones, TVs, and other devices, ensuring users can seamlessly connect to their favorite audio sources. The combination of personalized sound adjustment, health tracking, and seamless connectivity makes the Starkey Genesis a revolutionary product in the hearing aid industry.