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We've been fitting patients with hearing aids for thirty years, and in that time we've seen remarkable improvements to how technology lets us treat hearing loss. There are so many powerful hearing aids on the market today. Our deep understanding of hearing aids lets us recommend the right product for your particular hearing loss, lifestyle, and needs.

We have contracts with several different major hearing aid manufacturers, which gives us many choices when considering which hearing aids to recommend for you. We can't say which single hearing aid model is the best product on the market, but our job is to know which hearing aid would be the best product for your hearing loss. Every manufacturer approaches hearing loss differently, and each product line has its own strengths. It's a matter of identifying your specific needs and then find the right match. And then we verify that we've gotten it right by checking the programming and testing your results.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We'll demonstrate your options during your appointment so you can see for yourself how small and discreet they all are. Some are more suitable for certain kinds of hearing losses, such as mild vs. severe hearing loss. In general, most of our patients prefer the receiver-in-canal model, but we'll recommend what we think will be a good fit for you.

The styles of hearing aid we offer include invisible-in-canal (IIC), completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), receiver-in-canal (RIC), and behind-the-ear (BTE).

IIC Hearing aids at Advanced Hearing Center in Sugar Land, TX CIC Hearing aids at Advanced Hearing Center in Sugar Land, TX ITC Hearing aids at Advanced Hearing Center in Sugar Land, TX RIC Hearing aids at Advanced Hearing Center in Sugar Land, TX BTE Hearing aids at Advanced Hearing Center in Sugar Land, TX

Featured Technology

Oticon More Hearing Aids

It’s Time to Get More Out of Life

The Oticon More is a new perspective in hearing care. This hearing aid is designed to work more like the brain does because it learned through experience. Using On-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) the Oticon More gives the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sounds, even in the most complex listening environments. Research has proven that the brain needs access to all sounds – not just speech – in order to function in a natural way. Using MoreSound Intelligence, Oticon More delivers 30% more sound to the brain, making speech and other sounds clearer*.

With the Oticon More you will be able to enjoy, follow, and engage in conversations easier than before. You won’t have to strain to hear anymore, the Oticon More will do all the work while providing you with crystal clear sound. This hearing aid also features a new amplification system that seamlessly adapts to the sound scenes you spend the most time in. Experience more out of life with the Oticon More.

Additional features include:

*Compared to Oticon Opn STM, Santurette, et al. 2020. Oticon More clinical evidence. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Powerful New Technology

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It's remarkable how powerful the processing in modern hearing aids can be. They adapt to your noisy environment in real-time and filter out some noise before the sound even makes its way to your brain. We've always loved how audiology lets us make a big difference in patients' lives, so these new advancements are almost as rewarding for us as they are for our patients. We're now able to treat so many more kinds of hearing loss, and we're able to get results far beyond what we could have expected a decade or two ago.

But the most important thing about this powerful new technology is that it has to be programmed just right. If your hearing aids aren't set correctly, you won't have the best results. We aren't satisfied just letting you hear a little better. We want you to have the absolute best hearing we can give you. We're extremely picky about our programming techniques and how we fit hearing aids. We have metrics in place to make sure that we're doing a good job, and we do a lot of high-end testing to validate our programming.

That's what makes Advanced Hearing Center different. We use a medical model and set high goals for ourselves to make sure you have the best results. We're not just getting you to hear better. We're getting you to hear accurately. It can be very time-consuming to get everything exactly right, but it's so worth it to know you're going to hear your best.

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