Resound Nexia

Resound Nexia represents a significant evolution in hearing aid technology, featuring the latest in Bluetooth LE Audio with Auracast™ broadcast audio technology.

Features Bluetooth LE Audio with Auracast for clear sound and efficient battery use
Industry's smallest rechargeable model, ensuring all-day wearability
Notably improved speech understanding in noisy settings​
IP68 rating for reliability in various environments​
Easy sound personalization and enhanced TV listening with the Smart 3D app and TV-Streamer+​

The Resound Nexia is tailored for individuals seeking a high-quality auditory experience with advanced connectivity options. It employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver crystal clear sound, ensuring users can understand speech effortlessly, even in bustling environments like restaurants or city streets. The device's standout feature is its sophisticated noise reduction capability, which intelligently filters out background noise, enhancing the clarity of speech. Additionally, the Nexia's Bluetooth connectivity facilitates easy streaming from a range of devices, enabling users to enjoy phone calls, music, and TV with direct sound transmission to their hearing aids.

To complement its technological prowess, the Nexia offers a user-friendly experience through the Resound Smart 3D app. This application allows wearers to fine-tune their hearing aids' settings from the comfort of their smartphone, offering a level of customization that makes the listening experience truly personal. Whether adjusting volume, bass, treble, or accessing geo-tagged settings that automatically adjust based on the wearer's location, the app ensures that users have complete control over their auditory environment. The rechargeable models further enhance user convenience, providing all-day hearing with a simple overnight charge, thus eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.