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Do you often feel like the people around you are mumbling? Do you tend to turn the TV up louder than others enjoy it? Do you feel tired after social situations? These are all indicators that it is time to see a hearing specialist.

At Advanced Hearing Center, we can:

  • Identify the cause of your hearing concerns
  • Explain your options
  • Find an expert solution to meet your needs

Why Choose Advanced Hearing Center?

  • We’ve been an audiology practice in the Sugar Land area since 2005
  • Led by a team of licensed audiologists with doctoral degrees and decades of experience
  • We’ll treat you as a whole person, and we go the extra mile in our testing and our hearing aid programming
  • We hold ourselves to the absolute highest standard

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You can ask us any questions through the form and we will connect you with a provider.

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What We Offer:

Free Demo:

100% satisfied or 100% refunded.We offer an extendable trial plan for as long as you need.

Clean, Checks, and Repairs:

Examine your ear canal, Clean the earpiece and replace the tubing, filter, and hook as needed, do minor repairs as necessary and more!


Current clients wishing to upgrade to newer technology are provided with a trade-in value for their current hearing aids. That amount will be applied to discount the cost of a new pair of hearing aids.

Pediatric Audiology:

Only licensed audiologists like the team at Advanced Hearing Center are qualified to help children with their hearing loss. We are able to diagnose kids of all ages and fit them with appropriate hearing aids.

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The Latest Hearing Aids:

Todays hearing aids offer advanced speech processing, wind reduction, and improved management of feedback.

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